Friend and Client Giving

The generosity from Cummings School friends and clients who bring their animals to our teaching hospitals adds up to a substantial amount of the essential financial support received each and every year.

Although we do many things at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, our primary responsibility is to enroll and prepare students to fulfill the varied roles that veterinarians serve in our society. Gifts from friends and clients help us support idealistic and talented students and thereby help all of us who count on excellent veterinary care for our pets and on the involvement of veterinarians to ensure public and environmental health. To learn why your gift to the Cummings Veterinary Fund makes a difference and has an impact on the good work of our veterinary community watch our Friends and Clients Video.

Further information about giving can be found on the Make a Gift Today page.

As a donor to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine you can expect that your gift will be put to timely use as directed. We invite you to join the many others who count the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine among their most important charitable causes. We thank you for your generous help.

A Menu for Friend and Client Giving

Fund for Companion Animal Health
The Fund for Companion Animal Health provides seed money to encourage and launch clinical studies in Tufts' veterinary hospitals. The Fund's goal is twofold: to advance animal health through new studies evaluating treatments, prevention strategies, and different approaches to diagnosing injuries or illnesses; and to provide early support to residents and newer faculty members who can find it difficult to compete for grants made through competitive processes.
Travis Fund for Needy Animals
The Travis Fund was established in memory of Dr. Stanley O. Travis, a widely respected and beloved veterinarian. The fund provides financial assistance for the care of found animals and helps responsible owners cover the cost of unanticipated veterinary care. The fund is managed by the hospital administrator, with grants made at the recommendation of the animal's Tufts veterinarian.
The Barkley Fund
The Barkley Fund was established by the loving owners of Barkley, a Great Dane who suffered from a heart disorder, but benefited from an innovative Cummings School program of therapy and diet that had a remarkable effect, greatly prolonging Barkley's life. The Barkley Fund enables individuals committed to companion animals to support the growth and advancement of veterinary knowledge with resources focused on the Cardiology and Emergency/Critical Care Services that provided support to Barkley, and many animals like him.
Companion Animal Memorials
Tufts Memorial Plaques enable you to pay lasting tribute to the bond you have shared with a special animal companion. Plaques for small animals are installed at the entryway of the Foster Hospital, and for horses and other large animals, at the entryway to the Hospital for Large Animals. Pet memorial plaques can be established with gifts of $200 and greater.
Other Opportunities
There are many other gift opportunities. If you would like to discuss an area of special interest to you, please contact the Development Office at (508) 839-7905.