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  • Meet the dogs with OCD
    This story on obsessive compulsive disorder features the translational work of Professor Emeritus Nicholas Dodman, former head of Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic, on canine compulsive disorder (CCD). The piece references two related patient cases Dr. Dodman treated at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center and includes comments from Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil, current head of Tufts Animal Behavior […]
  • The Allure of Catnip
    Roughly 30 percent of cats don’t respond to it, but there are three other plants that might do the trick.
  • Dear Doctor: A Cat with an Endless Appetite
    A lot of animals — cats included — have had a difficult time finding enough to eat when living in a feral community-type setting and after adoption become ravenous when they are presented with a decent meal.
  • The Top 7 Changes In Cat Behavior
    Be on the lookout for signs in these key areas of your cat’s daily activities. One may indicate a potential health problem that warrants prompt veterinary attention.
  • Do Try This at Home!
    By taping a simple square on your floor, your cat will join the masses by doing exactly what cats do.
  • Making Medical Care Easier
    Ways to help your dog lean into medical and wellness procedures rather than pull away.
  • Lots You Can Do At Home to Make Vet Visits Less Intimidating
    10 tips to make handling by the doctor (and you) a much less traumatic experience.
  • Thinking Inside the Box
    Have you ever wondered why your cat likes to squeeze herself into the tiniest of spaces? Here’s why.
  • Dogs Will Be Dogs, Whether Or Not It’s Convenient For You.
    Dogs come with definite genetic propensities for certain behaviors, making it hard — or impossible — to train them to adjust perfectly to the world of humans in which they live. But there’s a lot you can do to help them meet you at least halfway.
  • 5 Behaviors That Show Your Dog’s Wild Side
    While your fluffy white Poodle might seem a world away from a wild wolf stalking its prey, there are more similarities between them that you might imagine. Big or small, all dogs have retained a little bit of the wilderness in them—and that comes through in these five common behaviors.