Financial Aid Endowed Awards and Prizes

New applicants and current students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance. Awards are based on demonstrated financial need and are administered through the Office of Financial Aid.

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is grateful to the individuals and organizations that have established the scholarships which provide significant resources for student financial aid. The following awards and prizes are granted in consideration for exceptional achievement during the clinical portion of the program.

Irma E. Baron Memorial Award
Awarded to a fourth-year student who has consistently exhibited extraordinary humanitarianism, compassion and dedication in his or her dealings with animals and people.
Sylvia Mainzer Public Health Achievement Award
Established in 1995 by Mr. Stephen Mainzer and Dr. Hugh Mainzer, DVM 1990, in memory of Sylvia Mainzer, to recognize a fourth-year student who has demonstrated achievement in, and has a sincere commitment to, the use of veterinary knowledge and skills for the protection and improvement of human as well as animal health.
Sheehan Equine Award
Established in 1981 by Dr. Richard J. Sheehan to recognize a fourth-year student who shows special interest in equine medicine and intends to pursue a career in that field.
A. Martin Simensen, DVM, Endowed Prize
Established in 1996 in memory of Dr. A. Martin Simensen, a distinguished equine practitioner and member of the school's Board of Overseers, to recognize a fourth-year student who has shown exceptional proficiency and interest in equine medicine.