At the Foster Hospital for Small Animals' Ophthalmology Service, the health of your pet's eyes is our concern. Whether your pet comes in for a consultation or on an emergency basis, we offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment practices in New England for eye diseases and injuries in small animals and exotic pets.

Overseen by board-certified faculty, the Ophthalmology Service provides medical and surgical advice combined with optimal management for injuries and diseases of the eye. Diagnosing and treating eye disorders involves both simple and more advanced methods. Our Ophthalmology Service offers you and your veterinarian a full range of diagnostic and surgical services, from routine eye exams to specialized surgery, ranging from laceration repair to corneal grafting to cataract removal and more.

At the Foster Hospital Ophthalmology Service, you will get clear and complete explanations of your pet's eye problem and the appropriate treatment.

  • Appointments: 508-839-5395

  • Emergencies: 508-887-4623

  • rDVM Client Liaison (Ellen Baker): 508-887-4794

  • Digital imaging of both the front and back segments of the globe
  • Fluorescein angiography
  • Low resolution and high resolution ultrasound
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