Clinical Nutrition

You are what you eat! This is as true for our pets as it is for us. It is also clear that a carefully tailored diet can speed an animal's recovery from illness or injury. Nutrition for sick animals is not a cure, but is often a key component of comprehensive medical therapy. The goal of our Clinical Nutrition Service is to serve as a resource to provide pets with optimal nutrition, in both sickness and in health.

The Clinical Nutrition Service works with specialists in Critical Care, Cardiology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Surgery and other services to provide state-of-the-art nutrition for animals with medical conditions. This can involve specialized nutritional support with intravenous solutions or tube feeding for hospitalized animals, dietary formulations, or comprehensive nutritional programs for performance, reproduction or weight loss. These consultations are conducted for animals hospitalized in the Foster Hospital for Small Animals, as well as directly with owners and veterinarians.

More information about the specialty, and how to make an appointment, can be found on the Clinical Nutrition Service website.

  • Individualized dietary plans for pets with medical conditions
  • Optimized nutritional programs for pets with multiple health concerns
  • Customized weight management plans
  • Home-cooked diet formulations
  • Assisted nutrition (i.e. tube feeding) programs
  • Parenteral nutrition formulations (in-house patients)
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    To make an appointment please call the Foster Hospital for Small Animals appointment desk at (508) 839-5395.

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