Clinical studies are research efforts in which veterinarians explore the value of promising new tests or treatments in a series of patients. In many cases, the tests or treatments provided through clinical studies can be provided at reduced cost, or no cost. Often, entering your pet in a trial gives your pet access to a potentially beneficial test or treatment that might not otherwise be available and the results of trials always benefit future animals suffering from the same condition your pet has.

Some trials are randomized, meaning that some of the animals in the trial receive the new treatment, while others do not, and that this decision is made randomly. If we are conducting a clinical study appropriate for your pet, we will discuss the trial with you thoroughly and you may elect to enter your pet in the trial if you wish. If you decide to enter your pet in a clinical study, you will have the opportunity to sign a consent form that fully describes the trial and any possible side effects that could result from the test or treatment.