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  • Combating Dogfighting
    New research reveals distinct wound patterns from the criminal enterprise—and may provide a new tool for law enforcement. ... read more
  • Investigating Our Relationships with Animals
    From the beginning, Cummings School has asked students and society to consider how animals improve our lives—and what we owe them in return. ... read more
  • Curiosity Saved the Cats
    The untold story of how a small team of researchers saved the lives of millions of felines—and helped identify the cause of AIDS. ... read more
  • Podcast Interview with Bianca Leos, V’19 on Community Cats
    Community Cats Podcast With Bianca Leos, V’19 Air date: May 30, 2017 “Animals’ lives are going to depend on me one day, so I need to know all this information” Bianca Leos, V’19 is currently a second year veterinary student at the Cummings School and is one of the officers ... read more
  • Early Spay/Neutering 101
    Habits change slowly. Therefore, many pet owners — and even many veterinarians — still wait longer than they should to get their cats spayed/neutered. ... read more
  • 10 Tips for Preparing for Junior Spay Week
    If there’s one thing that makes every vet student feel a little nervous, it’s Junior Spay Week. Isa Fransisco, V18, offers 10 tips for feeling more confident during your first few spays. Source: ... read more
  • Veterinary students bring pet care to those in need
    A collaborative veterinary program allows Tufts students to gain experience while offering free clinics for citizens who live in Worcester Housing Authority apartment complexes. Emily McCobb is quoted. ... read more
  • ‘Feline Friends’ to the Rescue
    An upcoming study hopes to find benefit in placing shelter cats in the homes of children with autism. ... read more
  • Changing Perspectives on Rehoming and Retention of Dogs and Cats: Keeping Fluffy Home
    There are many circumstances that can cause pets to lose their homes. We’ve learned that many pet owners in underserved locations are strongly bonded with their pets and would choose to keep their pet if they could get the short term help they need. ... read more
  • Win-Win-Win
    You know someone is passionate about their work when they voluntarily miss Sunday Football to help out in the office. For Stephanie Cote, CVT, VTS (Anesthesia), her ‘office’ is the Luke and Lily Lerner Clinic, where she is the highly regarded Lerner Clinic Supervisor. As the anesthesia specialty technician running our spay/neuter ... read more