Ophthalmology – Small Animal

  • 30 Years on and Going Strong
    The CVT in Ophthalmology has seen it all. Over the course of three decades in veterinary medicine Tracey Elmes has had a varied and rewarding career, and, she shows no signs of slowing down. ... read more
  • Sight Savers
    Tabby undergoes corneal graft surgery on both eyes ... read more
  • Lola’s story
    Anyone familiar with the popular television show House has seen the twists and turns that a medical condition can take but for the Dutkiewicz family, the drama was real life ... read more
  • At Your Service: Ophthalmology
    Sometimes it’s a miniscule piece of foreign material or the abnormal growth of eyelashes that can be or become problematic for an animal. Other times it’s something more serious. You don’t want to gamble with your pet’s eyesight and should always seek the advice of a professional for what may ... read more
  • Routine Eye Care for Your Pets
    As a pet owner, it’s important that you establish an eye care routine to include the following: Conduct Routine Visual Inspection Set aside a particular time weekly to examine your pet’s eyes. Do so in the best of light. Healthy eyes should look clear, shiny and moist, and the area around ... read more