Tufts Farm Field Registration and Fees

All Tufts Farm Field users are required to register in advance with the Cummings School Campus Police (building N on the campus map), Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. This applies to users of the off-leash area, as well as on-leash dog walkers and other recreational users. Please note that all Farm Field users—including non-dog walkers—must register with the Cummings School administration.

The registration fee of $15 helps to offset the Cummings School's costs for waste disposal (including bags), as well as fees for general maintenance of the field. Our neighbors in Westborough and Grafton are welcome to register free of charge.

All registrants must complete three documents:

At the time of registration, please also bring:

  • Your dog
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination
  • Proof of registration in your town

Please contact the Office of Public Safety if you have any questions.

Registration Renewal

Once your dog has been registration with the Tufts Farm Field you will receive an e-mail reminded one month before the registration expires. You can renewal the registration via the Tufts Farm Field Registration Renewal form.