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Research Overview

Research, teaching and service are the three missions of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. The numerous clinical service programs offered at the school are meeting the health needs of the present generation of patients, clients, and private referring veterinarians. Tufts' teaching programs create the next generation of veterinarians and biomedical scientists. But the highest impact that Cummings Veterinary School may have on society is through its research, because the results of such scholarly investigations will affect animal and human health for many generations.

Scientists at Cummings Veterinary School lead their individual disciplines and clinical specialties through their discovery, integration, application and dissemination of new knowledge. Research is central to the work of Tufts university and is at the very heart of academic life. It adds new knowledge, enhances health, and improves Tufts' scientists' authority in their fields of expertise, and is essential to the school's mission of scholarly teaching, scientific research, and clinical services.

A transition is occurring in the United States on how research is sponsored and carried out - this the age of Team Science. Many research problems are complex, requiring institutional and multi-institutional project teams with the desired mix of disciplinary expertise to address cross-cutting issues. Examples of these multi-disciplinary projects are:

  • the opportunities of biotechnology and new medical device technologies
  • pathogenesis and treatment of infectious diseases
  • human and animal health
  • food safety and food security in the U.S. and abroad
  • conservation of natural resources and global biodiversity

Cummings Veterinary School is well positioned to address many of these research areas. The school actively pursues alliances and partnerships with industry, other universities, government laboratories, and non-government organizations to successfully achieve a multi-disciplinary team approach to scientific inquiry.

Tufts' research activities are composed of three categories: individual investigator-initiated projects; programs strategically chosen by the school; and large, leadership programs of world-class caliber. Examples of such projects can be found in each of the school's academic departments and define its reputation as a world-class veterinary school in the forefront of research.

We invite you to learn about some of the most exciting research activities being conducted at Cummings Veterinary School in the areas of infectious diseases, reproductive biology, biotechnology, liver diseases, ecosystem, oncology, orthopedics, transplantation, respiratory physiology, and cardiology.

To discuss opportunities for collaboration between your organization and Cummings Veterinary School, please contact Dr. George Saperstein, Director of Contract Research, at 508-839-8725, X-88725.

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