Faculty and Research

Adobe Acrobat License for Grant Proposals


TO: All Tufts University Faculty

FROM: Office of the Vice Provost, Tufts University

In collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost, University Information Technology (UIT) is pleased to launch "Acrobat for Faculty Grants." This program will provide Adobe Acrobat licenses free of charge to Tufts faculty submitting grant applications to funding organizations.

  • If you currently have an active account in eRA Commons - you are eligible for an Adobe Acrobat license, free of charge.

  • If you do not have an active account in eRA Commons, please contact your Research Administrator representative to determine if you are eligible.

Priority is being given to researchers who primarily send proposals to NIH, as NIH is changing from PureEdge software to Adobe.

UIT has a list of all researchers and administrators that have a NIH user name and active account in eRA Commons. This applies to all campuses. All those people on the list will be contacted by UIT. Installation is done by requesting it at uitsc@tufts.edu. Arrangements will be made to install the software on the faculty member's computer. (Alternatively, at the faculty member's option, the software may be installed on an administrator's computer.) Each faculty member may only receive one license under this program, and the software must be installed on a computer owned by Tufts University.

For more information about Adobe Acrobat or other campus IT site licenses, please contact the UIT Support Center at 7-3376.