Case Study Projects Conducted by MCM Students

2014 – 2015

TB or Not TB? Applying Tuberculosis Surveillance Techniques to Wild Elephant Populations

Beavers: An Answer to Nonpoint Source Pollution Through Denitrification

Implementing a Targeted Arthropod-borne Disease Educational Tool for a High Risk Population in Massachusetts

Bighorn Sheep Pneumonia: An Introductory Analysis on State Management Plans

The Ecological Role of Tasmanian Devils: Managing Trophic Cascades Amidst Devil Declines

No Mow Lawns - An Analysis of American Lawns from a Conservation Medicine Perspective

Disease and Behavioral Risk Assessments of Human-Harbor Seal Conflicts at the La Jolla Children's Pool

Plastic Debris in the Marine Environment: A Conservation Medicine Approach to Plastic Ingestion in Marine Fauna

Complications of Captivity: Rejection, Sustainability, and Ethics

2013 – 2014

One Welfare: Linking Human-Animal Welfare within the One Health Concept

Climate Change and Emerging Diseases: A Conservation Medicine Perspective

Influences on Priority Listing for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement Investigations and Cases

Marine Microplastics: A Conservation Medicine Perspective

Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Pneumonia from Swine, Cattle, and Poultry in the United States

Iodine Deficiency in Humans and Livestock: A Comprehensive Review

Current and Future Anti-Poaching Programs for African Elephant and Rhino Conservation

An Assessment of Live Animal Trade at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand: A Focus on Zoonotic Disease Risks

Assessment of the Zoonotic Disease Potential to Public Health from Importation of Eurasian Rodents into United States; Risk Analysis-Wildlife Trade

Cumulative Analysis of the Southern Resident Killer Whale Population Decline

Future Conservation, Ltd. and the Education Gap

Associations of Chinese National Identity and Perceived Disease Risk with Wildlife Consumption: A Cross-Sectional Survey Based Study

Koala Retrovirus: Its History and Future

Diamonds Are Not a Birds Best Friend: Does Diamond Mining Impede Waterbird Conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa?

2012 – 2013

A Comparison of Canine Rabies Control Programs in Thailand and the Guangdong Province in China: A Case Study Approach

Sylvatic Dengue Emergence and Evolution

Overview of Newcastle Disease Surveillance in African Union Member Countries

The Potential for Community-Level Vector Control for Malaria and Schistosomiasis Using Farmer Field Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa

White-Nose Syndrome: A Conservation Medicine Perspective

Determinants of Public Perception of Climate Change and the Influence of Extreme Weather Events on Public Acceptance

Alternative Strategies for Disease Surveillance in the Veterinary Medical Community: Recommendations for Massachusetts as a Leader in Health Informatics

Amphibians in Decline: Epidemiology of the Chytrid Fungus

Selenium Deficiency in Alaskan Dall's Sheep

The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Tropical Coral Reefs and the Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle: An Ecosystem Approach

2011 – 2012

A Novel Strategy for Large Carnivore Conservation-Examining the Relationship between Chronic Wasting Disease and Wolves in a One-Health Framework

Yellow Fever Epidemiology in Colombia: A Conservation Medicine Approach

Applying Participatory Approaches to Conservation Medicine: An Evaluation of Effective Methods and a Case Study in Anthrax Management near Queen Elisabeth National Park, Uganda

Wildlife Trade and Disease: A Conservation Medicine Perspective

Anthropogenic influences on the Development of Fibropapilloma in the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Anthropogenic Eutrophication, Vibrio Cholerae and Domoic Acid Producing Diatom Spp., The Impact Fertilizers are Having on Marine Animal and Human Pathogens

Infectious Disease and Orangutan Conservation: A Conservation Medicine Perspective

Comparative Analysis of Citizen Science Seabird Health Monitoring Programs Around the World

The Ecology and Epidemiology of Multi-Host Pathogens: A Case Study of Diseases Transmitted Between Domestic Carnivores, Wildlife and Humans