Abhineet Sheoran, PhD

As Director of the MS-IDGH program I am thrilled to have helped develop this new graduate program designed to train individuals in various aspects of infectious disease and global health. I have been teaching at Cummings School for over 14 years, the last 11 as Course Director and instructor of the Immunology course. I am an immunologist by training and enjoy working on immunology-related basic and translational infectious disease research that contributes to the enhancement of human and animal health. This program perfectly aligns with my expertise in research and in teaching – I have extensive experience studying mucosal human and animal infectious agents in various animal models to investigate pathogenesis and immunology and to develop immunotherapies and vaccines.

The MS-IDGH program draws on the strengths of the school and our department. We have an established and productive research program and a faculty with enormous experience in infectious disease research and teaching. The school supports a coherent community of faculty, students, and staff that fosters outstanding collaboration and teamwork among colleagues to solve problems, whether of research or of teaching. I am pleased to be part of a program that offers so many benefits to students and will positively contribute to global health.

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