International Veterinary Medicine Signature Opportunity Activities

Core Curriculum
The first-year International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Core Course is designed to introduce every student to global issues in the veterinary profession.
Selectives Program
Selectives for first and second-year students can be completed in a wide variety of areas including international development, international medicine, conservation medicine, wildlife policy, livestock health, public health and research methods.
Elective Courses
Advanced and clinically oriented electives are offered on and off campus for students with an interest in international veterinary medicine at the end of their third and during their fourth years.
Student Projects
Student projects are a key activity of the program and are designed to create opportunities for students to conduct research in a developing country setting.
Post Graduate Certificate Program
The Post Graduate Certificate Program is a structured program designed for students who have chosen a career in International Veterinary Medicine.
DVM/Master of Public Health Combined Degree Graduate Program
A number of students interested in international veterinary medicine have also been attracted to careers in public health. In 1994 Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine collaborated with Tufts University’s School of Medicine to offer the first DVM/MPH Program in the United States. The combined DVM/MPH degree program is integrated throughout all four years of the DVM curriculum. In an era when diseases of man and animals have wide ranging and often significant implications for global human and animal health, conservation medicine, trade and livelihoods of the world’s poorest populations, the DVM/MPH program provides graduates with the education, training and networks required to approach local and global health issues from the framework of One Health.
Bi-weekly IVM Forums
The Bi-weekly IVM forums are a seminar style activity led by Cummings School faculty as well as invited outside international professionals.
Noon-time Speakers
A speaker series hosted by the IVM program that addresses pressing international issues during the academic year.
Spring Symposium
The Spring Symposium is a joint activity of two student organizations, WAZE (Wildlife, Aquatics, Zoo, Exotics) and VGS (Veterinarians for Global Solutions) that includes international perspectives on conservation medicine and is supported by IVM faculty.