DVM Curriculum

Students in the DVM program at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine are required to complete a prescribed professional curriculum consisting of four academic years, and one summer period of full-time clinical training between the last two years. Each of the four academic years of study toward the DVM degree is approximately thirty-eight weeks. Classes begin in the fall of each academic year and end the following spring, except for the fourth year where classes begin in the spring and end the following spring, before graduation.

In addition to maintaining a satisfactory level of performance in the basic sciences and clinical course work, DVM degree candidates are encouraged to prepare a research thesis for the Thesis Program during their first three years of veterinary school. Those who complete a thesis will be acknowledged at graduation, and the achievement will be noted on their academic records. Any student contemplating doing research while in school should consider completing a thesis.

By means of the Selectives Program, students may emphasize one or more areas of special interest. This program includes sessions which meet one or two afternoons per week in the first two and a half years of the DVM program. Students may choose from a variety of different topics in clinical, research, species emphasis, and other areas. Students may either enroll in a sustained program, such as a combined degree program, or they may experiment with several different interest options.