DVM Application

The Dean of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine admits applicants for each new class based on the recommendations of the Committee on Admissions. The committee carefully reviews applications and selects those applicants considered most capable of excelling as veterinary medical students at the Cummings School and who possess the greatest potential to develop skills that will serve the needs of the community and the profession.

The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine also offers undergraduates in their sophomore year the chance to apply to the Cummings School with the Bachelor's/DVM Early Acceptance Program.

Information for reapplicants as well as transfer students is below.

Application Requirements

Please note that, for enrollment in fall 2016, the Cummings School will participate in the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS). Please refer to the VMCAS website for details. Our web site will be fully updated shortly.

Application for Admission
An online application for all applicants to the DVM program is available for your convenience.
Application Fee
A nonrefundable application fee of $70 which you may pay by credit card when completing the online application.
Academic Transcripts
Official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. This includes separate official transcripts for all foreign exchange or semester abroad programs, and transfer credit from other institutions that appears on your primary transcript.
If you are currently enrolled in an academic program, please submit an official transcript of the work you have completed to date. When additional grades become available, please submit an updated transcript.
Please have all transcripts mailed to:
Office of Admissions
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
200 Westboro Road
North Grafton, MA 01536
Official GRE Scores
Results from the General Test of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine recipient code for the GRE is 3893. Scores are valid for five years. Additional information can be obtained on the GRE website.
Both versions of the GRE General Test (the old format and the Revised GRE) will be accepted during the upcoming 2014–15 application cycle. The last acceptable test date to take the GRE for this cycle is October 31, 2014.
Although the Educational Testing Service now allows options for reporting GRE scores to graduate and professional schools, the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine has not changed its requirements. When applying to Tufts, you must submit all of your GRE scores from all of your test administrations. You may not decide to send certain scores only. This means that if you have already taken the GRE and you need to request scores for your Tufts application, you must choose the ScoreSelect All option. If you plan to take the GRE again between now and our November 1 application deadline, you must choose the ScoreSelect All option on your test day. Please note that this option is free—there is no charge when you select this option on your test day.
Essential Functions
An applicant must read—and be able to perform the essential functions described in—the DVM Essential Functions.
Veterinary, Animal and or Health Science Experience
A description of experience you have had in a veterinary, agricultural, research, human health and or biomedical setting. Such experience should be of appropriate breadth and should entail more than having provided routine care and feeding of companion animals or family pets.
Letters of Evaluation
Three letters of evaluation, one from each of the following areas:
  • A pre-veterinary, pre-medical or pre-health professions committee, or from a dean, advisor or faculty member in your major or who taught a required pre-professional science course.
  • A faculty member in your major or who taught a required pre-professional science course. Applicants with graduate work should have an appropriate graduate school faculty member write this letter.
  • A veterinarian or research scientist with whom you have had considerable experience.
Extracurricular Activities
A list and brief description of the various school and community related activities in which you have been involved, as well as any committee memberships, leadership roles and employment positions you have held that are not related to animals.
Two essays as part of the online application.


Applicants who were not offered admission are welcome to reapply. The Office of Admissions maintains applications for a period of three years. The reapplication process for those wishing to reapply within this three year time frame is simplified. Official transcripts, letters of evaluation and GRE scores can be used from a previous application. Reapplicants need only submit:

  • The application for admission
  • The application fee
  • An updated transcript for any new coursework completed
  • Any additional letters of evaluation
  • The three short answers and two short essays

If a previous application was submitted more than three years ago, all new official documents, including official transcripts, test scores, and letters of evalution must be submitted.


Transfer students are admitted to the second year of our DVM program when space is available. In addition to the DVM Application Requirements, applicants are required to submit the following by June 1:

  • An official transcript from their current veterinary school
  • A personal statement explaining the reasons for transfer

Admission criteria includes academic performance in both undergraduate and veterinary school, GRE scores, letters of evaluation, veterinary, animal and or health science experience, as well as personal and leadership qualities. Compatibility between the Cummings School and the current veterinary school's curriculum is also a factor.