Tufts Ambulatory Service

Located in Woodstock, Connecticut (32 miles from campus), the Tufts Ambulatory Service has been in continual operation since 1980. Nine faculty members instruct students in medicine and surgery of food and fiber animals, as well as in production medicine and herd health. Although dairy cattle are the major emphasis, the TAS serves owners of horses, beef, swine, sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas. All fourth year DVM candidates must spend one month on clinical rotation at this service while second year DVM candidates spend one day.

Besides the traditional basics, the TAS faculty instruct students in practice economics, agricultural economics, food safety and the interaction of farming and the environment. The importance of a healthy herd and sound management on the sustainability of agriculture in southern New England is stressed. Members of this section teach most of the curriculum that deals with food and fiber animals. They are directors of the Clinical Skills courses, Adopt-A-Veterinary-Student (designed to expose first year students top farm management and farm animal behavior), Theriogenology, Reproductive Physiology, Bovine Procedures Laboratories and Food Animal Medicine. The faculty also serve as guest lecturers in numerous courses. In addition, they write journal articles and book chapters, hold Continuing Education programs for producers and veterinarians, and make presentations at local, state, regional, national and international conferences.

More information about Tufts Ambulatory Service can be found on the Tufts Ambulatory Service page.