Department of Clinical Sciences: Residency and Internship Programs

Faculty members in the Department of Clinical Sciences are dedicated to providing outstanding training for interns and residents. In addition to exposure to a large caseload, house officers in the department's internship and residency programs have opportunities to attend numerous in-house rounds, seminars and conferences, to teach fourth year veterinary students, and to participate in clinical or basic research projects. The Resident's Enhanced Veterinary Education and Academic Learning (REVEAL) program provides residents with many of the basic skills needed to succeed in research.

Internship programs are one year programs that provide an intensive experience in managing cases under direct faculty supervision. Internships generally occur in the first year following graduation from veterinary school. Most programs offer opportunities to rotate through a variety of specialties within Cummings School hospitals, and can be tailored to the specific interests of individual interns.

Residency programs are typically three years in length and offer opportunities to obtain specialty training under the supervision of experienced, board-certified faculty members. All programs conform to the guidelines established by the relevant specialty colleges and are designed to prepare residents for specialty board certification and a career in private or academic specialty practice.

Additional information can be found on the Residency and Internship Programs website.