Department of Clinical Sciences

The mission of the Department of Clinical Sciences is to serve animals, the public, and the veterinary profession through excellence and innovation in the equally important missions of teaching, research and clinical service.

The department consists of approximately 55 faculty members, the majority of whom are board-certified specialists in clinical veterinary medicine. Most faculty members in the department actively participate in clinical service, teaching and research, although some emphasize research, while others emphasize clinical service. Faculty members in the department teach in all four years of the veterinary curriculum. Courses range from traditional classroom-based lecture courses to laboratory-based courses, to the clinical rotations that constitute the fourth year of the curriculum.

Faculty members in the department conduct both basic and clinical research. Much of the department's basic research is supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health. Areas of basic research emphasis include comparative pulmonology, liver disease and coronary artery disease. The department also conducts clinical research into a wide range of diseases affecting companion animals. Much of the clinical research is conducted through prospective clinical trials. Many of the clinical trials are funded by external funding agencies, and others are funded by the department's own Fund for Companion Animal Health.

Information pertaining to the department's clinical programs can be found on the Hospital for Large Animals and the Foster Hospital for Small Animals websites.