Department of Clinical Sciences: Clinical Trials

Much of the clinical research conducted by faculty members in the Department of Clinical Sciences is accomplished through clinical trials. Clinical trials are research efforts in which veterinarians explore the value of promising new tests or treatments in a series of patients. In many cases, the tests or treatments can be provided at a reduced cost, or no cost. Clients who enter their pets in trials often obtain access to a potentially beneficial test or treatment that might not otherwise be available, and the results of trials always benefit future animals suffering from the same condition. Some trials are randomized, meaning that some of the animals in the trial receive the new treatment, and others do not, and that this decisions is made randomly. Participation in clinical trials is always completely voluntary, and owners are fully informed in writing about the purposes of the trial and any potential side effects that could result from the test or treatment being investigated.

Detailed information regarding the department's current clinical trials can be found on the Cummings School Clinical Trials site.