What It’s Like to Be a Doctor for Sport Horses

Dr. José García-López talks to The Atlantic about what it’s like to be a doctor for sport horses

Horse on treadmill

EHV-1: What You Need to Know

EHV-1 is a common viral infection worldwide that is mostly spread by reactivation of virus in non-symptomatic, latently (silently) infected horses. 

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A Leg Up for Horse Health

Cummings School faculty Carl Kirker-Head and Nick Frank collaborated with Chris Rogers, a professor of mechanical engineering on Tufts' Medford campus, and his undergraduate engineering students to train their entrepreneurial skills on multimillion-dollar equine legwear industry.

Equine Vital Card

Knowing your horse’s normal vital signs is essential. Being familiar with them can help you to determine if he is not feeling well, is distressed, or during exercise whether he has reached his limit or is appropriately cooled down. Help keep track of your horse’s vitals and what is normal with our printable vital card.

Equine vital card

Keep Up-to-Date on Your Vaccinations

Check our suggested vaccination schedule, courtesy of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, to see if your horses are up-to-date on all of the recommended vaccinations.

Guidelines For Safely Trailering Your Horse

Making sure your trailer is in good shape will not only ensure the safety of your horse, but also the life of the trailer.

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Our Experts Demonstrate Bandage Applications


How to Apply a Hoof Bandage

Dr. Amanda Bergren of the Hospital for Large Animals demonstrates how to apply a hoof bandage to your horse.

Carpal Stack Wrap
Distal Limb
Distal Limb Stack
Hock Wrap

Dr. Kate Chope Walks You Through Horse Anatomy

Anatomy of the Hind Limb

Anatomy of the Hind Limb

Dr. Kate Chope of the Hospital for Large Animals walks you through the anatomy of the hind limb of the horse.

Anatomy of the Fore Limb (long)
Anatomy of the Fore Limb (short)