DVM/MSCBS Tuition and Fees

All students are charged tuition each semester of the DVM/MSCBS program as well as the summer session while writing their thesis. Tuition for the year is payable according to Tufts University guidelines. Tuition for the 2013 – 2014 academic year will be $8,978. This tuition is in addition to the DVM Program Tuition. All tuitions are subject to yearly increases.

Students who require an extension in order to complete their Master's requirements have until January 1 after completing the twelve month training to complete their degree without any additional fees. If students have not completed by that time, a fee of $500 for each semester will be charged until degree completion.

Information on the cost of education as well as the Cummings School refund policy can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.