Participating in the Veterinarians CARE Program

When a pet dies or is euthanized at your clinic, the Veterinarians CARE Program offers a meaningful way to show your compassion. Participating in the Veterinarians CARE Program is possible by following these three simple steps. Your memorial donation can be directed to support the Cummings Veterinary Fund, Student Aid, Research, or the Travis Fund for Needy Animals.

We ask that clinics and practices wishing to participate in the Veterinarians CARE Program complete our registration form. Registration is a one-time process for each clinic or practice.
Complete the Client and Pet Information Form
Once a clinic or practice has registered, a client and pet information form will need to be completed for each memorial. You will be asked to sign in before completing a form which creates a letter that will be sent by the Cummings School to your client.
Make a Memorial Donation
After you have submitted a client and pet information form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains directions for making a donation to the Cummings School.
Upon receipt of your donation, the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine will mail the personalized letter to your client. This letter will acknowlede that we have received a charitable gift from you, given in memory of your client's pet.

The Veterinarians CARE Program kindly requests a minimum donation of $10 per memorial.