Ethics and Values Program: History

The Ethics and Values Program was established in 1980 as the first signature program for the newly established School of Veterinary Medicine. This program was established at the very inception of this veterinary school because concern for animal welfare was a driving feature of the school's founding vision. This signature program was intended to be the vehicle for coordinating programs dealing with the complex intersection of ethical, scientific, legal and social issues arising out of humans' relationships with the rest of life on Earth.

Early in its history (1983), the Ethics and Values Program found its home in the newly established Center for Animals and Public Policy. Apart from its work in directing and developing this signature program, the Center holds conferences and seminars, conducts workshops, and promotes publication of relevant research and scholarship by its faculty, graduate students and others. In 1995, the Center initiated the Master of Science in Animals and Public Policy Program (MAPP), which remains the only one of its kind in the world. The MAPP program shares electives and selectives with the DVM program, allowing DVM and MAPP students to benefit from each other's experience, skills and perspectives. The Center's faculty takes great pride in its role in directing and teaching the core courses in the Ethics and Values Program.