Yuki Nakayama Student Profile

Yuki Nakayama


  • BA in Biological Sciences, Wellesley College, 2008

Choosing Tufts

As a transfer student and an international student, what I love most about Tufts is the supportive atmosphere that emanates throughout the campus. The students are welcoming and friendly, and the classroom is full of collaboration. The faculty and staff are also invested in allowing students to personalize their education, and are wonderful about helping students seek opportunities that suit their particular interests and needs.

Tufts Student Organizations

  • Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • Shelter Medicine Club
  • Large Animal Tech Team

Career Goals

This is a tough one! My passion for shelter medicine is what initially led me to join the veterinary profession, so I still aspire to become a full-time shelter veterinarian. However, I have recently been able to mesh together my background in biomedical research with my interest in shelter medicine by studying vaccines and diagnostic techniques for a common shelter disease, and have found the experience to be extremely gratifying. This has definitely piqued my interest in an academic career that would allow me to enjoy both the clinical and research aspects of veterinary medicine. At the same time, I think it would be just as fulfilling to become a general practitioner who can advocate for responsible pet ownership and educate the public at large. So in essence, I have no idea exactly what jobs I will be looking for come 2014… but that is what I love about this profession. The DVM degree is so versatile that there are so many career tracks I would be happy to pursue!

Looking Forward to Second Year

I am most looking forward to taking advantage of the selectives program, to gain valuable exposure to clinical experiences that are not part of the standard curriculum. I think it is wonderful that there is dedicated time in the schedule every week for students to explore facets of the profession that interest them.

I've also joined the Large Animal Tech Team (LATT) and will be continuing my canine parvovirus research with Dr. Claire Sharp. Both of these are opportunities on campus that really accommodate my needs as a transfer student. The LATT helps me overcome my weakness, and the research augments my existing strengths and propels my career.

Favorite Vet School Experience

By far, my favorite vet school experience so far at Tufts has been the hands-on clinical skills class, which allows students to take their classroom knowledge and apply it to real live animals. I was amazed that just in my first week here, I was given the opportunity to practice physical exams on our bovine, equine, and canine teaching animals.