Sirrika Samuels Student Profile

Sirrika Samuels


  • B.S. in Animal Science, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2012

Student Groups at Tufts:

  • V16 Class Treasurer
  • Student Veterinary Surgery Society
  • Veterinarians for Global Solutions
  • Shelter Medicine Club.

Choosing the Cummings School:

Applying to veterinary school, I understood that each school had a formula for the students they wanted, so I decided to make my own formula for the schools that I thought would be compatible with me. This formula included reputation, NAVLE pass percentage, international veterinary medicine program, opportunities for hands-on work prior to clinical rotations, community/environment, and proximity to home.

The International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program at the Cummings School is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the field of international veterinary education. Needless to say, Tufts has an amazing reputation. The IVM signature program offered at Tufts is a great way to help students develop a professional skill set to work as an effective member in the field of IVM (I hope to start soon).

As far as the rest of my formula, Tufts was a great match. The faculty and staff were very kind, which made them very approachable. They were understanding and willing to work with prospective students to ensure that everything was going well. The NAVLE pass percentage is high, and I am relatively close to home.

Before Entering Veterinary School:

Prior to veterinary school, I was an eager animal science student working toward making myself a competitive candidate for vet school. Aside from putting tons of work into my classes, I gained experience by working as a small animal veterinary assistant in a local animal hospital off campus, and at our farm on campus.

To balance my academic career, I was the president of two clubs on campus, Community of Students Involved “N” Education (C.O.S.I.N.E, a community service oriented group), and Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE, a national honor society for EOF students). I was also a Resident Assistant for incoming first year students, and, lastly, I travelled to different countries of the Caribbean for sustainable development work and leisure.

Career Path:

I have a bucket list of things I plan to do with my DVM. The top two things on my list are:

  1. To obtain a board certification in Small Animal Surgery, so that I am equipped to do lots of “cool” surgical procedures
  2. To travel the world and perform humanitarian work, providing veterinary care to farms in different countries which rely on their livestock to survive, both physically and economically.

The Year Ahead:

I am looking forward to learning the complete anatomy of our four-legged counterparts. Having an interest in surgery, it is very important that I know where everything should be, what it looks like, what its functions are, and what can possibly be excised in order to increase the quality of life of our patients.

Favorite Vet School Experience So Far:

Working as a rotational student in the feral cat clinic. As a rotational student, I was able to work at each station of the clinic, beginning with transporting the cats, sedating the cats prior to surgery, using my stethoscope to perform physical exams, as well as pre- and post operative procedures such as vaccines and preventatives, then, lastly, to recovery. Being a volunteer solidified my reasons for wanting to be a veterinarian. Doing hands on work brings me back to the reasons why I am in veterinary school. It keeps me engaged and anxious to learn everything I need to know so that I can dive into the workforce and make my contribution in life.

Favorite Thing About Campus:

I love that I have 24-hour access to the facilities, which is great for studying and working out in the gym. Besides that, there are several clubs that are tailored to different interests. For example, I am a member of the Surgery Club, Veterinarians for Global Solutions, and Shelter Medicine. There is not an overwhelming commitment to each club. The clubs host various lunchtime talks with well-known veterinarians, and wet-labs, which are opportunities to do some hands-on learning.