Max Gordon Student Profile

Max Gordon


  • B.S. Animal Science, University of Maryland College Park, 2008
  • M.L.A.S. Laboratory Animal Science, Drexel University College of Medicine, 2010

Student Groups:

  • Wildlife, Aquatic, Zoo Animal, and Exotic Medicine Organization
  • Veterinarians for Global Solutions
  • Student Chapter of the American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners
  • V14 Class Treasurer

Choosing the Cummings School:

I really liked the school environment. When I came here for a tour, and even my interview, everyone was genuinely friendly and eager to assist me. I have found that attitude to be true, as I have progressed through the curriculum. Professors and clinicians are eager to answer questions and help us gain a better comprehension of the material and concepts discussed in lecture.

Before Veterinary School:

I was enrolled in a master’s program at Drexel University.

Career Path:

I am looking to work in the laboratory animal environment ensuring that the animals used in research are properly cared for so that useful and applicable data can be obtained to improve both animal and human health.

The Year Ahead:

I am most looking forward to my first spay.

Favorite Vet School Experience So Far:

I am in the International Veterinary Medicine certificate program and one of the requirements is to perform a research project abroad during one of the first two summers. I chose to do a project in Uganda looking at the cost effectiveness of rabies treatment between post exposure for humans and prophylaxis in dogs. It was a great experience where I got to collaborate with colleagues from different countries and obtain different perspectives of the veterinary field.

Favorite Thing About Campus:

The campus environment is one of the most appealing aspects of the Grafton campus. There always seems to be something going on but there is no pressure to partake, as everyone is aware of the academic rigor of the program. Even during big exams the general spirit of the students is supportive and upbeat. I find this type of environment is conducive to doing well.