Kelsey Turley Student Profile

Kelsey Turley


  • B.A. in English Literature, University of Rochester, 2009
  • B.A. in General Biology, University of Rochester, 2009

Student Groups:

  • Veterinarians for Global Solutions
  • Student Livestock Organization
  • Pathology Club
  • Surgery Club

Choosing the Cummings School:

I’ve always been interested in Tufts. It has a great location being so close to Boston, a beautiful campus, and a wonderful academic program. I was really drawn to the lack of tracking because it allows for students to learn as much as they can about a greater variety of species.

Before Entering Veterinary School:

I was teaching English as a second language in Asia – first in Seoul, South Korea, and then in Hong Kong. It was a really fun way to work and travel before settling into my life here in the United States.

Career Path:

Right now, I am pretty undecided. There are so many appealing opportunities here that I need to spend some time trying out various selectives and programs before focusing in on what I am truly drawn to.

The Year Ahead:

I’ve been out of school for a few years so I guess what I am looking forward to is just re-acclimating to student life. There are definitely some classes I am really excited for, like Clinical Skills and Adopt-a-Vet (spending time on a farm), but after being out of the country for so long I’m mostly excited for simple day-to-day life activities. That probably sounds silly to most people but after having to mime to a taxi driver in order to get to a restaurant or movie theater (because I never learned how to speak Cantonese), it will be nice to be able to drive myself wherever I need to go.

Favorite Vet School Experience So Far:

During our second week of Clinical Skills we were being introduced to the sheep flock on campus (how to approach them, how to tie them up, how to move them around, etc.) and the Herdsman, Scott, taught me how to tip a sheep! I have very little experience with farm animals so spending time with the sheep in the barn and actually tipping a sheep on my own was a blast – and probably hysterical for everyone else watching.

Favorite Thing About Campus:

We haven’t experienced winter yet so right now I just love how beautiful the campus is and how easy it is to find a place to spend time outside (bocce ball courts, soccer field, picnic tables, dog park, etc). There is always someone willing to take a minute out of his/her busy schedule to relax and take in the sunshine.