Katie Lambden Student Profile

Katie Lambden

Choosing the Cummings School

When I was very young I wanted to be a veterinarian, but as I got to college I realized I wanted to have a more outdoor lifestyle than I thought veterinary medicine could offer. I pursued athletic dreams for a while, and then about a decade out of school started revisiting the idea of animal medicine as a career. I realized through my large animal experience that the field was much broader than I originally had thought. The Tufts curriculum appealed to me due to its balance of livestock, small animal, wildlife, and international programs. Also, the Center for Animals and Public Policy seemed an important resource to explore my future role in society as a vet, something I feel is an important part of my education in addition to the medical side. Finally, I thought the Admissions staff and faculty set a tone of support, and really made me feel welcome.


  • BA in General Biology from University of California–Santa Cruz, 2001

Tufts Student Organizations

  • The Student Livestock Organization
  • Veterinarians for Global Solutions

Career Goals

I still have a bit of the romantic idea of a James Herriot practice in a rural setting, though I'm still figuring out how realistic that is. I am really interested in veterinarians' role in shaping public debate on animal welfare issues and would like to incorporate this interest into my career as a vet.

As a mother to a two year old and another baby on the way, how have you managed the demands of veterinary school?

I'd say that the experience has been not only manageable, but even enjoyable. Having been out of school for a while, I, of course, had my concerns about balancing studying with family commitments. It helped me to recognize very early on that I don't have to be a "perfect" student. I feel comfortable with doing the best that I can, knowing that this process is about gradually building a body of medical knowledge that is never going to be fully complete. Some students have trouble taking time away from studying to just enjoy their experience and other aspects of their lives. As a mother, I get mandatory study breaks built into my day, which actually reduces the stress of vet school. Another potential difficulty of starting/having a family while in school is finding a way to alleviate the financial pressures of a student budget. I found that the Army Health Professionals Scholarship Program is a great option for me by vastly reducing the burden of my veterinary school costs; it's a program I would recommend more students look into.

Looking Forward to Second Year

I'm excited about getting a team together for the animal welfare judging contest. I'm also enjoying the clinical rotation days we have recently started. It's fun to have all the classroom learning come to life through hands-on experience.

Favorite Vet School Experience

My favorite experience has been our Adopt-a-Vet weekend in first year. For mine, I went to a small dairy farm in the far Northwest corner of Massachusetts. While chatting with the farmer and his family, it came out that they were very good friends with the vet I shadowed in California. It was one of those small world experiences that really validated what I had always heard about how close-knit the veterinary community really is.

Campus Life

I love living in New England (which is new to me) and the town of North Grafton is very family-friendly. The Tufts faculty is very approachable, and I enjoy all the social events on campus such as school tours and Open House.