Kevin Connolly Student Profile

Kevin Connolly


  • BA in Anthropology, Brown University, 1994
  • PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UCLA, 2003

Choosing the Cummings School

There were several reasons that made Tufts my top choice; the reputation in research and the research interests of the faculty, the flexibility of selectives, the small class size, and the location. I was also impressed with the enthusiasm for students who did not have a traditional pre-vet background.

Tufts Student Organizations

  • Veterinary Education Review Committee (VERC)
  • Large Animal Tech Team

The Campus

What I like best about the campus is the location and the environment. It's hard to picture a more perfect setting for a vet school.

Career Goals

My initial inclination is to pursue a career in veterinary clinical research, although I'm still pretty flexible and hoping to explore other options during the next four years.

Looking Forward to First Year

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm excited to be a student again. I'm especially looking forward to honing my clinical skills.

Favorite Vet School Experience

Walking through a diagnosis during our Problem-Based Learning course, despite my paucity of medical knowledge. I like that we are kept engaged right from the beginning of our vet school careers. Also, holding a baby pig.