Jessica Mintz Student Profile

Jessica Mintz


  • B.A. in Political Science, Women’s Studies minor, Williams College, 1998
  • M.A. in Journalism, New York University, 2003

Choosing the Cummings School:

I fell in love with so many things about Tufts, it’s hard to know where to start. I wanted to attend a school with a significant small-animal caseload and the opportunity to continue working with wildlife, and Tufts certainly has both. I didn’t feel out of place arriving with very little large animal experience after being assured I’d learn everything I’ll need to know in clinical skills courses. I had also heard Tufts appreciates “non-traditional” students embarking on second or third careers, the faculty I met on interview day really seemed curious about the experiences that led me here, and I was relieved to find I wasn’t the only “30-something” in my class. And, finally, coming back to New England just felt like home.

Before Entering Veterinary School:

I was a business and technology journalist for the Associated Press, most recently based in Seattle, Wash., writing about Microsoft and Apple.

Career Path:

My dream right now is to find a specialty I love that will allow me to work primarily with companion animals, but give me opportunities to moonlight at wildlife rehabilitation centers, zoos and aquaria.

The Year Ahead:

Honestly? I’m looking forward to having completed it. I am swimming in new information right now; it will feel so good to have internalized a lot of the foundational material so we can build on it and learn to diagnose and treat disease. I’m also really looking forward to starting selectives and finding ways to get into a clinical setting more often, to balance out the classroom and study time.

Favorite Vet School Experience So Far:

The first time I looked at our dog cadaver and could really make sense of the muscles and nerves I was seeing. The first days of gross anatomy lab were so confusing, and then suddenly it started looking familiar.

Favorite Thing About Campus:

One of my dogs has mast cell cancer. Our first appointment at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals was fantastic. The faculty at the hospital has been incredibly welcoming and available to answer my questions, and I feel like I’m already a part of this community – a proud part of it.