Jonathan Grindley Student Profile

Jonathan Grindley

Choosing the Cummings School

I chose Tufts because it is a revered school and the only one that teaches conservation and international veterinary medicine.


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, City University of New York Baruch College, New York, NY (2009)

Career Goals

I intend to work in the field of international medicine and practice overseas.

Looking Forward to First Year

The first year is exciting because I can finally take classes knowing that I'll actually be able to apply everything I learn to the situations I'll face throughout my career. In addition, all my classmates will be as driven as I am.

Are You Ready?

I'm nervous about the workload, but that'll only keep me from slacking off. This is a good thing since there's really no choice but to make sure I knock out the first year.

Telling Everyone

From the night I read my acceptance e-message with my mom peeping over my shoulder, I've been telling people the news... and I still am!