Illiana Celia Quimbaya Student Profile

Illiana Celia Quimbaya


  • PhD in Social Anthropology, Harvard University, 2011
  • AM in Social Anthropology, Harvard University, 2008
  • AB in Romance Languages and Literatures; The Comparative Study of Religion, Harvard College, 2005

Choosing the Cummings School

My numerous interests in the field of veterinary medicine led me to Tufts because it offered the most opportunities to explore different aspects of the profession. Moreover, Tufts has signature programs that are not available at other schools. In particular, I was attracted by the International Veterinary Medicine certificate program.

Tufts Student Organizations

  • Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association
  • Wildlife, Aquatics, Zoo and Exotics Medicine (WAZE)
  • Veterinarians for Global Solutions
  • The Simulation Center
  • Student Veterinary Surgical Society
  • Holistic Club
  • Pathology Club
  • Pet Loss Support Hotline

Getting Here

During the course of my graduate education I was fortunate enough to have several international experiences. My interest in animals drove me to pay close attention to the different ways in which humans and animals co-existed across the societies that I encountered. Ultimately, I realized that would be most satisfied pursuing a degree that allowed me to mold my two interests together.

Career Goals

I am considering specializing in veterinary dentistry but I am keeping my options open.

Looking Forward to Third Year

I am quite excited about leaving the classroom and entering the hospital during my clinical rotations. It will be very rewarding to finally apply all that I have learned during my first two and a half years of vet school.

Favorite Vet School Experience

There are too many to count! Learning how to do alpaca agility during my “adopt-a-vet” assignment and successfully completing my two spays rank among the most challenging and fun parts of vet school thus far.

The Campus

I really enjoy the beautiful scenery, intimate feel of the school community, and the quiet nature of life in the Grafton area.