Benjamin H. Shryock Student Profile

Benjamin H. Shryock


  • BA/BS in Organic Chemistry, Ecology minor from The Evergreen State College, 2005
  • MS in Soil Science from The University of Washington, 2010
  • MS in Wildlife Ecology from The University of Washington, 2012

Student Groups at TCSVM:

Tufts Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Choosing the Cummings School:

I chose Tufts because of the excellent wildlife program, as well as the importance that Tufts places on training well rounded veterinarians. I am excited to be proficient in treating a huge variety of species after my four years at Tufts.

Before Entering Veterinary School:

I was earning a Masters Degree at The University of Washington studying how the relationships between songbird abundance and vegetation quantity or large scale weather patterns change with increasing intensities of suburban development. I was also working as a teaching assistant for classes such as statistics, wildlife biology, cell biology and environmental science.

Career Path:

I would like to continue conducting wildlife research, particularly at the intersection of human development and the “natural” landscape, with the goal of improving wild animal welfare. Studying and understanding how human activity impacts different species will hopefully provide an evidence-based approach for mitigating negative impacts of inevitable future activity.

The Year Ahead:

I am really looking forward to establishing a solid understanding of the inner-workings of animals, particularly anatomy and physiology. This foundation will allow me to add, over the next three years, all the building blocks required to create an outstanding veterinarian. I already know the extremely rigorous coursework will provide the foundation I am looking for.

Favorite Vet School Experience So Far:

I have really enjoyed getting some hands-on experience with the cattle in our clinical skills class. They are so big and strong that it really gets me excited to learn how to safely move, secure and examine them.

Favorite Thing About Campus:

I visited Tufts by way of the Adventures in Veterinary Medicine summer program and really got a great sense of the great relationship between students, faculty and staff. It is such a supportive environment where it feels like everyone is collaborating to maximize student success. I also really fell in love with the beautiful surroundings, both locally and regionally there are countless opportunities to explore the beauty of New England.