Brenna Pugliese Student Profile

Brenna Pugliese


  • B.S. in Biology/Biotechnology, Minor in Biochemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2013

Student Groups:

  • American Association of Equine Practitioners
  • Large Animal Tech Team
  • Veterinary Business Management Association

Choosing the Cummings School:

The opportunities I have available at Tufts really made coming here an easy decision for me. I know that this is the most supportive community of people, and that if I have the passion for something and the motivation to see it through, there will be somebody there who is an expert on that topic. The faculty members are so supportive here at Tufts, and I never have to hesitate to seek help or guidance, or just to strike up a friendly conversation. I am an interactive audial learner, so I knew joining a very collaborative and close-knit community would be the right setting for me. I am looking forward to exploring many aspects of veterinary medicine in the coming four years, and finding my place in this profession by discovering all that it has to offer. Tufts will give me the freedom to do so (since we do not have tracking!) and the support to make this endeavor a fun and meaningful experience.

Before Entering Veterinary School:

Prior to coming to Tufts, I was completing my undergraduate degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. During this time, I was working at Tufts as a research assistant in the large animal hospital on several projects as well as completing research for my undergraduate degree.

Career Path:

I hope to pursue a career in equine medicine and to complete an internship and residency. I have a strong interest in surgery and research, so I hope to combine my interests and do both clinical and basic science work.

The Year Ahead:

I am most looking forward to getting involved in several student groups on campus. I recently started my training for Large Animal Tech Team. I am excited to start working in the hospital and gaining valuable hands-on veterinary skills in my first year. I think this is a very unique benefit to coming to Tufts- I have the opportunity to help patients at the start of my veterinary career, which is not only fun for me, but so beneficial to my growth as a professional. I am also looking forward to events that American Association of Equine Practitioners and other campus organizations will be hosting. Participating in wet labs has been a great way to learn new skills, meet upperclassmen, and to just relax while learning (hands-on!).

Favorite Vet School Experience So Far:

I’ve been astounded by the diversity of my classmates, who are now my new friends and colleagues. It is so refreshing to become a part of such an eclectic community of people and to learn something new from each of them. I recently saw this great quote from Bill Nye (the science guy): “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” The fun of vet school so far has been figuring out what each person can teach me and share with me, and I think such a unique class of V17 students is unique to Tufts.

Favorite Thing About Campus:

Our campus is stunning. Yes, we do spend a considerable amount of time indoors, but on multiple occasions when class gets out, my friends and I have reminded each other how lucky we are to go to school on a working farm. The scenery is beautiful and, really, sort of therapeutic. After a long day, spending a few minutes just taking in the fall foliage and saying hello to the cows is a great way to decompress.