Frequently Asked Questions Prerequisites and Letters of Evaluation

Does it matter where I go to undergraduate school or where I take the prerequisites?

Applicants must have attended a regionally accredited college or university. Applicants are encouraged to choose schools and courses that will best prepare them for a rigorous veterinary medical curriculum. The strength and quality of an applicant's background is considered when reviewing an application for admission.

My biology and chemistry labs were not separate from my lectures. How should I enter this on the pre-professional requirements report?

Feel free to write included in lecture above in the lab portion.

Can I use an Advanced Placement course to fulfill a prerequisite?

We accept AP credit to fulfill prerequisites courses as long as that credit appears on your undergraduate transcript.

I've been out of school for a while and I am out of contact with my professors. What should I do for my letters of evaluation?

If you've taken any recent coursework to fulfill our prerequisites, you may request a letter from one of those professors. Feel free to contact the Admissions Office if you wish to discuss this further.

My advisor fits both the first and second categories for the letters of evaluation. Which category should I use and who else should I ask for a letter of evaluation?

Your advisor's letter of evaluation should be used for the first category. Another professor who taught you and who knows you well enough to comment on your academic ability, performance and potential should write a letter of evaluation for the second category.

May I submit more than three letters of evaluation?

In general, three letters of evaluation are sufficient. In special circumstances, an applicant may want to submit more than three letters. Submit only additional letters which you feel will add another dimension to your candidacy.

I've never worked for a veterinarian or a research scientist, but have had other positions such as a farm hand or animal rescue league or shelter worker. May I use my supervisor from one of these positions to write a letter of evaluation for the third category?

Please contact the Office of Admissions to discuss this further.