Frequently Asked Questions about Applying

How do I access the application for admission?

We ask that all applicants use our online application. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you are unable to access the online application.

When are admission decisions made?

Applications to the DVM program must be submited by November 1. Approximately 275 candidates are invited to the campus for an interview in February and applicants are notified of an admission decision in March.

What if some of my supporting documents arrive after the application deadline?

Applicants are asked to pay attention to the deadline and to ensure that all materials—including test scores and letters of evaluation—arrive before that date. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all materials have arrived in the Admissions Office. An online credentials checking system is provided by the Admissions Office for the applicant's convenience. In general, the Admissions Committee will not review an application until it is complete. Occasionally, some material arrives after the deadline. Provided that the applicant completes his or her portion of the application by the appropriate deadline, the Admissions Committee will generally accept other documentation after the deadline.

Can the application fee be waived for any reason?

No. The Admissions Committee does not allow application fee waivers.

Can I attach a resume in lieu of completing the veterinary, animal and or health science experience report included in the application?

We prefer that you list all of your veterinary, animal and or health science experience on the application form. You may submit a resume in addition to this form.

If my evaluators are using the printed version rather than the electronic version of the letter of evaluation should I register them online?

No. There is no need to register evaluators online if they are using the printed version of the letter of evaluation.

I will be studying or working abroad in February and will not be able to attend an interview. Do I have any alternative?

Depending upon when you will be away, you may need to submit your application and all supporting documents very early (well before you leave the country) along with a cover letter stating your situation. The Admissions Committee will review your application early to determine whether or not you qualify for an interview. If so, an interview can be scheduled prior to your leaving the country.