ACE Clinical Projects

Most ACE program faculty have additional possibilities for clinical research projects other than those listed below. To investigate other possible projects check the list of ACE faculty in your area of interest.

Faculty Clinical Projects
Faculty Research Topics
Dr. Kirstin Bubeck Sports medicine
Dr. Nicholas Dodman
  1. Retrospective study of German shepherd tail chasers
  2. Oxytocin clinical study in dogs and cats
Dr. Lisa Freeman
  1. Various nutrition projects
  2. Various human-animal interaction projects (animal visitation, etc)
Dr. Andrew Hoffman Various regenerative medicine projects
Dr. Michele Keyerleber Various radiation oncology projects
Dr. Mary Labato Retrospective studies on dialysis
Dr. Virginia Rentko Microchip for measuring blood glucose in cats
Dr. Claire Sharp Various emergency/critical care projects

Most ACE Program Faculty have other possibilities for clinical research projects. To investigate other possible projects, see the list of ACE faculty in your area of interest or contact Dr. Lisa Freeman to help match you up with a faculty member.