ACE Clinical Projects

Most ACE program faculty have additional possibilities for clinical research projects other than those listed below. To investigate other possible projects check the list of ACE faculty in your area of interest.

Faculty Clinical Projects
Faculty Specialty Research Topics
Dr. Nicholas Dodman Behavior
  1. Canine compulsive disorder/genetics
Dr. Dominik Faissler Neurology
  1. Various neurology projects
Dr. Lluis Ferrer Dermatology
  1. Skin microbiome in different cutaneous diseases
Dr. Lisa Freeman Nutrition, Nutritional Modification of Disease, Human-Animal Interaction
  1. Various nutrition projects
  2. Various human-animal interaction projects (pet visitation, etc)
Dr. Andrew Hoffman Regenerative Medicine
  1. Various regenerative medicine projects
Dr. Michele Keyerleber Oncology
  1. Various radiation oncology projects
Dr. Michael Kowaleski Clinical Orthopedics
  1. Outcome and complications in juvenile canine total hip replacement
Dr. Mary Labato Nephrology, Urology, Small Animal Medicine
  1. Retrospective studies on kidney disease
Theresa O'Toole Emergency and Critical Care
  1. Outcome in dogs having acute trauma resulting in long bone fractures
Dr, John Rush Nutritional Management of Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiology, Critical Care
  1. Evaluation of teaching rounds on various clinical services
Dr. Cynthia Webster Cholestatic Liver Disease, Small Animal Medicine
  1. Liver disease – basic science and clinical projects

Most ACE Program Faculty have other possibilities for clinical research projects. To investigate other possible projects, see the list of ACE faculty in your area of interest or contact Dr. Lisa Freeman to help match you up with a faculty member.